Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fall Lace

 99 percent of the population loves fall. (Or it seems like it!) But sometimes we are ready for fall clothing before the weather is! I saw on the news that there are record high heat waves across the country today!

So my suggestion is to mix and match fall like pieces with a summer twist. I love this white blouse with the fall boots. It still looks put together and seasonally appropriate, but you won't roast on a busy weekend! 
 This top is incredibly affordable from Sammy Dress. This specific top is around 12 dollars. But if it isn't your cup of tee they have tons more options. They have very affordable clothing!
Get this shirt here

Thanks to Sammy Dress for partnering with me on this post and sending me clothes to share with you all!
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  1. I love this shirt! And I like the idea of mixing summer and fall pieces when the weather isn't quite cooperating :)


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