Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Saving Money on Ray-Ban

If you're a little bit of a gambler, this blog post is for you. I rarely, IF EVER, pay full price for anything. I'm either finding sales, promo codes, using Ebates (if you do not know what that is, click that link NOW. I promise you will not regret it!)
I really wanted some rose gold aviators from Ray-Ban but I didn't want to shell out full price. I found a couple options for a little bit cheaper!

#1 : Overstock 

Overstock is a great option, because they are a well known company, and accept returns if you aren't happy with your purchase, as long as they aren't marked final sale. Overstock is also 6 percent cashback on Ebates! (Don't have Ebates? Click the above link!) I like this mirrored pink pair and this brown/pink gradient pair that are similar to mine.

#2 : Ebay

This is the less safe, more gambly option. However, this was the option I chose! However, you want to be careful and get a real pair.
Don't choose a pair that is incredibly cheap:
If you're thinking the price is too good to be true, it probably is, and those glasses can't possibly be real

Check the seller's Feedback:
I chose this buyer and he has pretty great feedback, his only negative within the last year is pretty self explanatory if you look it up. When I got my glasses they came with the box, the case, and the cleaning cloth.

If it is a large/business seller, choose one who allows returns

Check out this website for indicators if your pair is real:
I found it to be very helpful!

#3 : Department Stores

If you're not the gambling type, and don't have the time to research Ray-Bans, you can still save a couple bucks using Ebates! This website can give you cashback at different online retailers! Click this link to get an extra 10 dollar bonus after your first purchase!
Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Current Cash back offers from places that sell these sunglasses: offers 4% cash back offers 6% cash back
Dillards offers 3% cash back
Macys offers 6% cash back 
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