Thursday, August 18, 2016

Recent Purchases

I have to admit, I'm a shopper. I love adding new things to my wardrobe, and I love seeing what everyone else is buying. So here is a recents haul/review! 
These are my favorite Nikes I have ever bought. I am obsessed with the turquoise and mint ombre, the bold Nike swoosh, and they are honestly the most comfortable pair I have owned. Now they are on sale from 100 to 90 bucks! 

Tory Burch had their private sale of up to 70 percent off and I got the backpack bag I had been eyeing for over half off. Yay! Since it was on super sale, I'm not surprised it is sold out. But Here are some similar items. Can't wait to style the bag for this blog!

As fall approaches, we all want great fall staples! I recently picked up these items. That striped top under 20 is such a steal, and the dress is the perfect fall color, and fits true to size and is really flattering. I highly recommend it. I got the boots on sale for 150 during their anniversary sale, but thought I would include them anyway! 

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! 
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  1. I love those Nikes, the colors are so pretty!!
    xo, Syd


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