Friday, July 1, 2016

Friday Finale 7/1

July already?! That is crazy.
These shoes from Famous Footwear are ridiculously comfortable! They call the bottoms "yoga mat" and I totally agree!

Here is a weekly recap of this week's posts! I'm currently on vacation, so this will be short and sweet! Click the title or photo to check out any of these posts.

Tips for Wearing White to Weddings (without pissing the bride off!)

Jord Watch + Giveaway
(if you haven't entered, go do it! It ends Monday!)

Blushing Beauty #ootd

A Necklace Designer You've Got to Check Out!

What was your absolute best post this week?? Link it in the comments and I will come check it out! #BloggersSupportBloggers
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  1. I need to try out those flip flops. The ones I usually wear offer NO support.

    Meghan |


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