Monday, July 11, 2016

Designer Inspired Handbags - Chloe Dupe

It's pretty clear that everyone loves designer bags, but the truth is, not everyone can afford them. That isn't something to be ashamed of... even some people who could afford a 2k bag wouldn't buy it, because they would consider it frivolous or wasteful. But many people who can't afford them want them, so then comes the dupes or knockoffs, or whatever you want to call them.

I see the ethical problem here... It is definitely NOT okay to pass off a faux bag as Chanel, Chloe, or whatever else, when it is not.
But I personally don't have a problem with other brands being inspired by the shape of a bag, or color, or hardware, and then creating their own version, without trying to pass it off as designer.
That's because, for me, it has never been about the brand so much as it has been about style and wearing what I love. 

For the chic girl on a cheap budget, it has always been about finding gorgeous bags that are affordable because they aren't designer. Recently I found such a bag on Amazon.
Chloe look alike

It didn't make any reference to the brand that it looks like... which is the Chloe Drew bag. (It is a lot smaller than that bag I believe though.) Here's the REAL DEAL if you want to compare

However, when I went back to look for it, I only found these 2 bags from other sellers. One of them references it as Chloe, (which clearly it is NOT when it only cost 50 dollars) I am so bummed that the seller I purchased from is no longer available. That makes me wonder if they are being taken down for infringement.

These are the 2 I found, if you're interested. This other seller has all the same colors the seller I found did. I'm not sure how most people feel ethically about this type of thing... I'm on the fence myself.

This is the bag on for size reference.

Anyway, what are everyone else's thoughts? I bought this one specifically because it didn't mention a brand, just like Forever 21, H&M, Zara, etc make designer inspired bags, but now it is no longer on the site, which could be a bad sign.
So what is everyone's take?
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  1. Great post! I just did the same thing for wedges. I was able to buy an entire outfit plus the designer dupe shoes for the cost of the name brand pair. It's most importantly about buying and treating yourself to the items you LOVE and have to have. Great post and dupe!
    xx, Lauren {}

    1. See that is what I'm talking about!! That is so much more financially responsible ! Way to go girl

  2. Thanks for stopping by gorgeous !

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