Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Why Simple Should Be Your Go to for Chic and Cheap Outfits

When you think chic, chances are you think of really simple things: amazing fabrics, clean lines, pretty silhouettes. My guess is that you aren't thinking of off-the-wall colors and prints.
Those trends (color and print) come and go, but neutral pieces that can be mixed and match are forever! 

I think mixing different neutrals creates a chic look that is soothing to the eye. 
In the long run, you can save money because it isn't going out of style. Ready to see which outfits you can create? Check out the checklist below. 

Your basic checklist of chic neutrals pieces:

Black jeans/white jeans 
Neutral skirts (gray/black/white)
Black tee/white tee/grey tee
Black/white/gray cardigan 
Anything black and white striped 

Because all of these can go together in multiple ways you are set up with many looks that will never go out of style!!



  1. I love simple pieces, they're so versatile!
    xo, Syd

  2. Absolutely! Totally agree with you.


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