Sunday, June 5, 2016

Summer Strolls on Saturday Nights

I think we all romanticize summer a little bit, and then find ourselves still on the couch watching Netflix instead of being outdoors, doing things, or making memories. (Guilty!)
There is one thing I love to do in the summer that I want to share with all of you! Getting ice cream (or frozen yogurt in our case!) and wandering aimlessly through your downtown (or other historic area) of your town. 
Begin with a portable and cool treat. We chose a frozen yogurt from a place downtown.
Just be careful on your sample portion sizes....
Unlike me...
In my defense - it came out a little fast. 

As you stroll the streets in the cool of the evening, you can look in the store windows, people watch, and find fun backdrops for photos! 
My sister wanted me to try to get a bite for a photo and it just got awkward...

Hope you are going to take advantage of everything June has to offer!
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  1. HA HA love the pin-it button-too cute-Katelyn

  2. Love your backdrop, love that top, and love the updated blog design! Froyo is one of my (slightly less than others) guilty pleasures:) Such a fun outing!


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