Sunday, June 26, 2016

5 Tips for Wearing White to a Wedding (Without Pissing the Bride Off)

It's common knowledge that you don't wear white to a wedding. That's the bride's color, and it's her chance to shine, etc, etc. 

However, we know that people like white, and probably own a lot of it. Have you seen that episode of the office where Kelly wears it to Pam and Jim's wedding and when she gets called out she says, "it was an emergency; I had to wear white!" Then later in her interview she was like "the emergency is that I look amazing in white." Hahah! 

I'm not suggesting people should wear an all white dress to a wedding. But there are some things you can do to make outfits with a lot of white more appropriate. I had this white/silver/gold dress I hadn't even found an opportunity to wear in a year, and wanted to figure out how I could make it work.

So without further ado... 5 tips for wearing white (and NOT pissing the bride off)

1.  Pull a cardigan, jean jacket, or vest over the top of a dress. 

I've seen lots of people do this, and it really draws attention away from the fact that it's a mostly white dress. This is the key to having a white dress that doesn't look like you're disrespecting the bride.
2. Wearing white fabric with a print

The silver and gold designs on my dress are very neutral so the dress still looks overall "white" but it's clearly got other things going on.

3. Keep it short

Wedding dresses are long, so a short white dress doesn't look as competitive with the bride's dress!

4. Accessorize with non-white

The gold bag adds a casual element that reminds people this is a fun outfit and not as dressy as the bride's!

5. Go for a casual hairstyle.

Keeping the hair down and not too frilly is key to making the rest of the look casual too. No updos if you have a lot of white in your outfit!

3 Don'ts

-Don't wear white dresses with expensive material. Keep it casual
-Don't adds hats or fascinators (those cool headpieces Brittish people wear to weddings)
-Don't go for anything that even slightly resembles a prom dress

I hope this helps you if you also have a dress you would like to wear, but are afraid of being discourteous or not following etiquette.
Above all, just use common sense!!
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  1. These are some really cool tips. Personally I wouldn't want to wear white because of the reasons you pointed out. Your do's are definitely what I do when I want to wear a complete white outfit.

    1. Yes, you definitely have to be careful. The good news is that with a few modifications (like a vest) you definitely don't end up looking like the bride. To be honest, I didn't even notice what people wore the day I got married! Lol it's all a blur

  2. You have shared amazing tips dear!! I was thinking to wear white color dress in my best friend wedding at San Francisco wedding venues as I look graceful and lovely in white color. But I was confused as my friend will wore white gown only, now I will add a cardigan or vest over my dress. Thanks dear!

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