Sunday, April 24, 2016

Honey Pepper Chicken and Waffles

My husband and I have been obsessed with Applebee's honey pepper chicken strips (normally it comes in Mac and cheese but we just order stripes tossed in the amazingness). Recently I started looking for a recipe but most were too sour. So what's a girl to do? Improvise and make her own. To kick the meal up a notch, I needed something to go with it... Waffles. And behold the perfect weekend brunch meal was born.

First I whipped up the sauce. I did a HUGE no-no and microwaves my honey in the bottle. It totally melted it, hence the photo. (I only decided to blog this after I tasted it. Don't judge the horrible quality please!!)

You Will Need:
Chicken Strips
Cayenne Pepper
Chili Powder
Begin by melting honey (put the jar in hot water!) 
Then you need to start seasoning it. The trick is to not use a recipe but to start slow and build the flavors, tasting as you go along until it's perfect. Most recipes called for way too much soy sauce and totally ruined it in my opinion. So I added dashes of it until I liked the balance. Then I added only 3 spices: black pepper, Cayenne, and chili powder. Again, give it a bit of flavor and build it until you're happy!! I also added a little bit of water to my mixture until it was the consistency I wanted!!
It looks dark brown like this!
And has visible seasoning!

Then you need to make both the waffles and the chicken to go with it!!
To make it an easy meal, I went with Tyson pre-cooked strips. Easy Peasy!

I made my waffles from scratch which was really simple. I used the recipe on Betty Crocker. 
Put the chicken on the waffle, and drizzle with the Honey Pepper Sauce. Enjoy!!

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