Thursday, March 17, 2016

Black on black swimwear

My whole family is going on a cruise in November. Naturally, I have to start shopping for it now. And later. haha! Recently during Target's President's Day sale in Februrary I picked up a cut out black one piece. In stores I also added the cutest, black cover up dress.
 No flash

The swimsuit is pretty flattering. In all honesty, once I got married, and started my Master's program a few months later, I gained some weight, and so bikini days are pretty much over. I'm not wanting to photograph myself in it just yet, but check out how cute it is!

I also tried on and loved this one:

As for the cover up, I love all the cute beachy words. It's like a short dress so it will be easy to wear on the cruise to and from the pool and hot tub and the beach back to the ship. Really happy with this 15 dollar purchase! I didn't find this specific one but there is a similar one for the same price that I love HERE

Hope everyone has had a good week. For some reason, mine has flown by.


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