Saturday, February 6, 2016

Blogging All Day

Pros of having a blog: you get to write stuff.
Cons of having a blog: you have to write stuff.
Sometimes, blogging takes more time than I have to give to it. Right now I am teaching full time, taking one graduate level English class (Rhetoric & Pedagogy), 1 Senior level undergrad class (Medieval Mystics) 1 independent study credit to hit my credit requirement for my master's, and trying to post quality stuff to this blog (and mostly failing).
The blog always suffers first. Considering it doesn't pay the bills (not in a million years) and doesn't cost me thousands of dollars, it takes the back seat. However, if I could, I would love to spend lots of time on it!
This graphic tee "blogging all day" is the perfect distressted shirt to wear on the weekends I spend working on Love.Haight. C'mon, at under 20 bucks, you know you want one too!

Happy weekend!

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