Monday, November 16, 2015

A kiss of approval for Framebridge

You know those beautiful, professionally-curated looking gallery walls that other people seem to have? I've always wondered how everything looks so perfectly put together. Who has the time? Not me- and that's where Framebridge comes in.

These days we all seem to have our photos on our phones, computers, and our social media. Sometimes, we are too lazy to get them printed, and picked up, and then to choose frames and put them together and get them up? Forget it! But Framebridge takes care of all of that for you. Simply upload your photo, choose a frame (you see a preview of your photo inside each frame!) and then order.

They recently asked me if I wanted to give them a try! I chose two photos- one from my wedding, and one with my puppy. Incidentally, both involved a kiss, which cracked me up, so I had to show it with my "Always Kiss me Goodnight" decor.

I went with simple frames, but there are many more to choose from, in black, gold, silver, and white. The quality is actually extremely impressive. They are very sturdy and come completely ready to hang.

They look great on the wall together because they are exactly the same size! These are the 5 inch "Instagram minis."I chose to add the matting, but you can also get rid of that and do just the photo!
I love the simple and pristine white and silver frames because they go perfectly with my bedroom! 

Interested in getting some of your memories framed? I have a discount code for you! Please use: 
LoveHaightFYF for 10% off your order! Head on over!

Thanks for reading, and a big thank you to Framebridge for making this post possible!
xoxo, Victoria

P.S. photographing glass is so hard! I could see my reflection all the time! Grr! I promise they are beautiful! :)

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