Monday, August 10, 2015

One Skirt, Three Ways

Okay, be honest. Have you ever purchased a piece of clothing with only one specific outfit in mind to wear it with? Then you wear it that way every. single. time. and you get sick of it quickly.
Yeah, thought so. Me too. So this post is dedicated to showing you how you can rock the same piece 3 different ways. More bang for your buck!

This skirt from Urban Finesse is so fun. The second I saw it, I knew it was for me. 
1. Neutrals 2. Stripes 3. Unique 
The high low hem is so fun! It's structured which I like. 

 Look 1 is super casual. Silver tennies, a plain white tee, and a silver necklace compliment the fun skirt.

Fall Transition
This look is super cozy and can work as the days start getting cooler. Also, I'm a fan all the time of patriotic colors. There's a reason lots of countries use red, white, and blue together. *Hint* it looks good.

 With a little chambray, double strand of pearls, and my favorite handbag, this skirt becomes a much preppier and dressed up look.

Urban Finesse is a boutique out of Los Angeles dedicated to keeping you looking fresh. Whether you're going for effortless or on trend, they want to provide pieces that will fit your lifestyle! On my wish list? This gorgeous peach swing dress! It reminds me of a creamsicle! 

Do you have any tips for getting more use out of your clothes? 


Skirt- c/o Urban Finesse 
Dress photo- property of Urban Finesse LA


  1. This post is so great! I love your writing style and you look simply gorgeous in each of the looks! I think the chambray one might just be my favorite!

    :) Molly

    P.S. I have this same idea in the works of three looks with one dress, so when you see it I promise I didn't copy you, haha! ;)

    1. lol! Well I'm sure I'm not the first to do 1 piece 3 ways, so I don't mind one bit! Can't wait to see yours! I followed you on bloglovin so I could see more of your posts :)

    2. I don't even know what bloglovin is! That's how out of my element I am in this blogging world! :0

    3. Oh my goodness, you will love it!! It's kind of like a Facebook where you can follow blogs and all the new blog posts show up in a feed! It's amazing

  2. Love how you styled this! You're Gorgeous :*

    1. Thank you!! I'm so happy you like the post!


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