Monday, July 6, 2015

Mix n Match

When my friend Dyann (check out her website HERE) wanted to shoot some pictures for my blog when I was at my old college town for a week of class, I was not prepared. I did not really have any cute clothes along. I had my favorite striped dress, but I had already showed y'all. What's a girl to do?! Shop of course. But I didn't want to spend a bunch of money.

The perfect solution was the second hand store. I already knew what I wanted - a jean jacket to go over the dress. The first thing I saw when I walked in? A jean jacket. There were about 5 options so I picked the 4 dollar one from Old Navy. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw a bright yellow shirt. I have been LOVING the navy blue and yellow combination so I grabbed it! It was only 2 dollars. Was I brave enough to mix patterns? Could this actually work?

Yes. It could. And the Mix n Match blog post was born. 3 pieces of clothing- 4 ways to wear them.

Striped dress on its own. Look 1! 

I love this little seating area Dyann found in a back corner.

Look 2- throw a jean jacket on top!

Look 3 - Blue and Yellow! Add a tied button down. I love the pattern mix :)

Look 4- Add both the shirt and jean jacket! I loved this little doorway.

Wanted to add a couple extra shots that she took to show how amazing she is. Some guy walked by on the top shot and simply said "Looks like vogue!" So sweet.

Guys, if you are a blogger in the Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska area, you really should look into doing some shots with Dyann! I can't even believe how much better they turn out with a trained eye!!
Here's her site


  1. Hi. Where can I find those shoes????

    1. Hey there! They are actually Old Navy!! I think they just got more of this style in stock; just not sure which color!!


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