Thursday, July 16, 2015

Metallics Week: All About Accessories

Yes, the title is alliteration. English teacher here.
Anyway, this is Day 5! Posting every day was way, WAY harder than I thought it would be!! But here it is, the last post!

This week I have shown a lot of metallic clothing, but not everyone is going to be into that. So, I wanted to talk about accessory options in the different shades of metal! I know there's quite a bit of writing here at the top, but I think I'll let the pictures do most of the talking today.


 I am actually obsessed with these gold winged sandals that are handmade in Greece from an Etsy shop called Love From Cyprus. I feel like Hermes!! :)

I didn't know so many different types of these shoes existed! Look!

 You saw these silver babies Wednesday! Vans.
 These rose gold/silver shoes come from Target for 15 dollars! I like that they are a bit dressier.

Unfortunately, I don't have a silver bag to add to this mix! You've seen these all over my blog lately!
The bags below are pricy, but insanely gorgeous!


A belt is such an easy way to add a bit of glitter to the ensemble, without looking like a sparkle factory exploded on you. That's normally the look I go for though! heehee Anyway, this one is 12.99 at Target!


None of this needs explanation, I just wanted to show off some of my current favorite pieces. 
 Rose Gold picks

 Golden baubles

Silver siren. Of course my wedding band had to make it in there!

My MK watches in gold and rose gold. 

Nail Polish

Definitely one of the easiest ways to add a pop of metallic!
From left to right: Orly's Rage (one of my all time favorite neutral-ish shades) Butter London's West End Wonderland and Color Club's Platinum Record.

Sorry the Orly one is pink! But if you're interested, they also have "Rage" the rose gold color on that site!
Leave me a comment below if you stuck with me all through metalics week! I honestly would love to know what sorts of things you guys are interested in and what you would like to see next! 



  1. I loved your metallic accessory choices! You did awesome during metallics week. Can't wait to see what's next for your blog!


    1. Thank you Molly girl! I can tell you one upcoming post! My entry to your giveaway! I don't care too much about winning but I would love to give you a shout out on my page !


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