Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Seattle Trip

Seeing Seattle in 3 days is pretty much nothing short of exhausting. I too get wanderlust on occasion, and then I go on vacation and am so tired by the end that I feel like "I need a vacation from my vacation." (Quoting my dad there! Ha)

Seattle had way more hills than I thought. These "hills" were incredibly steep. Especially ones by Pike's Place. Okay, I'll stop whining now, and show you the beauty that is Seattle!!

Day 1:

High waisted shorts and a tank for breakfast! I forgot to snap a pic of my Mexican inspired breakfast potatoes with black beans, cheese, salsa, and sour cream. Yum! 

This place was so cool! You can play games while you eat and drink. I had hot cocoa and whooped everyone's butt at Settlers of Catan.

Went to the beach in the park. Lovely view of the Olympia mountains. (I believe! I'm no native!)
The water was pretty chilly, even for a Minnesota girl like me!! 

Lunch/dinner was a grilled cheese sandwich with chicken. I thought the fries here were awesome!
Mariners baseball game! My husband did not consent to be in my blog... but I think he looks cute. :)
Is it sad that one of my favorite memories is of this massive Ice cream cone at the ball game? haha! The Mariners also won, so that was great to see!
The field provided some stunning view of the Seattle skyline as the sun came down and the ferris wheel lit up. The Space Needle looks great! 
 Day 2:
This clutch and bracelet were my favorite parts of my outfit for day 2! 

Breakfast was Chicken and Waffles! It had a sweet and spicy red sauce on it that was quite good!
Then we went and shopped at all the amazing stores downtown. I had to take this shot because I'm laughing at myself for beelining straight to the fall fashion at the beginning of summer. It's pretty obvious what my favorite fashion season is!
These were my purchases! This striped dress from H&M was a whopping 13 dollars and fit like a dream! The crotchet shorts are a big mystery to me. I wear medium at Forever 21, or sometimes large. These were a small... very strange. I also picked up those two accessories. I purchased the mermaid tray at the aquarium. I don't have any pictures from the aquarium currently, (I think the hubby might have a few) but it was one of our favorite things we did! Finally, I got two bath products from Lush. I have always wanted to visit a Lush, and never been near one! I'm super excited to try them out. 
Pike's Place Farmer's Market was sooo cool! Yes, it was rather crowded, but that didn't bother me. Also, the fish smell that everyone talks about is not that bad. I guess being from Minnesota has made me more used to it!

The best part is definitely the flowers!! Peonies pretty much don't exist where I live, so I took a zillion photos of these beauties. The smell of the flowers and the fruit markets was amazing. I wished I could have taken some home! 
ahhh... gorgeous.
Then we took a ride on the iconic wheel. Honestly.... you should probably save your moeny. The view is pretty cool, but 15 bucks a person?!? Roadside robbery if you ask me. The boxes were very hot, so when we exited and saw people in line to buy tickets I told my husband, "I should tell them to save their money. I'll put them in a hot shoebox for 5 dollars!" and started laughing hysterically. Don't worry, he thought it was as weird as you do. But really, save your money on that one!

Day 3:
It took us so long to ride the busses downtown, that when we arrived it was close enough to lunch to skip breakfast. Beecher's Handmade Cheese was pretty cool! You can see the workers from the restaurant area. I had a grilled cheese, which was okay, but this Mac-n-cheese was to die for!
I finished up my lunch with a "make your own smoothie" from the market.

Mine turned out green like this because I added spinach! Here is my outfit of the day... a super sweet lady at the Space Needle told me it was the perfect outfit: feminine but not too feminine. I love kind strangers!
Space Needle was next! Tourist trap, and lots of lines!
But this view of Mt. Rainier (the tallest peak in the Cascades) made it worth it!
Next we hit up a science museum (I'm horrible about names) where I randomly found all these license plates with my name on it!! ha! :)

Random photo opp at a huge popsicle. 
Our second meal was fried seafood back down in the market. 

Finally on a plane back home! So ready for the quiet of our little home. We are not quite city people! What was I staring out the window at?? 

This!!! One final, gorgeous shot of Mt. Ranier!
And later, this: the setting sun as we traveled home.


  1. Found your blog because you liked a few of my Instagrams & decided to check it out. Much to my surprise, the first post I found was on Seattle, my future home and the inspiration for my blog! This post made my excited/homesick for my future home. Glad you wentto Beecher's--their Mac and Cheese is to die for! x. Megan

  2. Megan,
    Yay! you are my very first "real" comment on my blog that didn't come from family (love them- doesn't count!) Thank you so much for stopping by! Your future home is beautiful! I couldn't get over Mt. Rainier. Good luck girl :)

  3. I love your Seattle post!!! All of the food looks delish! (Beecher's is one of my favorite places!) And I love your pictures! We went a few years ago in May and had perfect weather, I want to go back so badly! It's on my list of the few places I would leave Florida for! Lol. Great post!!! xo, Kirsten

    1. Thank you so much Kirsten! Beechers was definitely amazing. Mmmm... Mac'n'cheese! I definitely had a good time, but I'm from a very small place, with wide open spaces, and friendly people, so sometimes traveling is hard! I've actually never been to Florida, but with my love of hot places with access to an ocean, it is definitely on my list!


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