Friday, June 26, 2015

Frends Earphone Review

A few weeks ago I bought some Frends Earphones and wanted to test them out awhile before writing about them. I purchased the smaller style, Layla. I have been on 2 trips since I've had them. I feel like I'm able to give a better overall picture of the product now. Earphones need to meet a few qualifications for me to be happy. I'll first lay those out and then use them as a checklist to rate Frends. 

- Comfort is probably my number one requirement. Earbuds make my ears ache so bad that it feels like they are bleeding, so for me they aren't a viable option for long road trips or plane rides. 
- I want them to be stylish: obviously. That goes without saying! :)
- functionality- I need to be able to receive phone calls with it and change the volume with buttons. They also can't take up tons of space.
Things I'm not as concerned with:
-sound quality is nice, but I'm not that musically inclined, so unless I were comparing 2 earphones at the same time, I probably wouldn't notice the difference. 
-Price goes along with the above statement. Frends' price is probably correlated more strongly with their aesthetic more than sound quality, and I was willing to pay it. 

Comfort - A! I was so scared when I first got these that they were two heavy and in my panic I convinced myself that the headphones were squeezing my head too hard and giving me a headache. Turns out it was all in my head, because I've worn them straight through 2+ hour flights and felt just as great after as I did before putting them on. This was my number one requirement, and I'm so happy with how comfortable they are.

Stylish- A! I bought the white and Rose gold pair of earphones and bundled it with the oil spill caps so I could switch them back and forth. I truly don't know which one I prefer! I love the ability to change it up.
Function- B+! They answer calls and can change the volume and they actually fold up to be quite small and portable for being on the go! The B is just because they aren't as convenient as earbuds. It's absolutely worth the trade off though! They fit into this little pouch. :)

Sound Quality- ? I can't give this a grade. I don't know... I'm no expert. It plays music is about all I know! Haha. But I can tell you when you jack up the sound on a pair of these earphones it basically functions as a speaker it's so loud. I wouldn't recommend that though; probably blow them out. 
Price: B The earphones I got were 150 so they were a bit cheaper than Beats or Bose earphones. The extra caps were 30. I purchased mine at a 15 percent off sale. It appears they do have sales fairly frequently so you certainly need to wait for a sale to help on this front. 

Overall- I'd have to say A! They are comfortable, beautiful, fairly portable, and will play your music and take your phone calls! I'm very happy with my overall purchase. :)

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