Monday, May 11, 2015

Birchbox Lovely Day Limited Edition Box Review

Here it is in all its pampering glory!! We've got a blush, a hand cream, luxe teas, shower gel, a radiance serum, a lipstick, two nail polishes (that are SO gorgeous they might be the whole reason I bought the box... heehee) a hair mask, perfume, and a candle! phew. Let's get down to it. 

Packaging: Afreaking+. This box is gorgeous, and surprisingly sturdy. 

Close up- Left to Right
-The blue hairspray looking thing is actually the shower gel! Looks cool! 
-The lipstick I got was too brown for my tastes, so I that will probably end up as a gift. (There were multiple shades available and you get what you get)
-The nail polishes are blush pink, and soft lush grey. I don't even know how to describe it... 
-The hair mask is for over night I believe. Can't wait to try that out on my frizzies! 
-The perfume was just OK for me... Might give that one away as a gift too. 
-The candle is luxurious. Such a soft scent, and the packaging is just perfect. 
Left to Right:
-The cargo blush I recieved (there are 3 varieties) was a blush bronzer duo -it was the one I hoped for, so it makes up for the lipstick
-The hand cream looks amazing, and I love that its anti-aging. I love everybody and age overall doesn't freak me out, but hands get weird. I want to put that off as long as possible! 
-Harney & Sons tea- these come in gorgous little silk satchets. Super high end for tea! 
-The Caudalie radiance serum sounds interesting for sure, but I'm awful about using face products sometimes!! 

Brands and products. :)

Overall- I like this batch of items. I had some points racked up from past purchases, so I only paid 30 of its 60 dollar price tag. I'm not sure I would have been as satisfied if I had paid full price. I haven't tried every product yet. Grade: B!

If anyone wants an update on any products please comment and let me know!! I would love to help you out before you buy!

You can check it out HERE on Birchbox!

*For the Record- I do these blogs for fun - definitely not getting sponsored or any of that jazz!!*

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