Sunday, May 10, 2015

5 Random Things

1. I hate dress pants. I used to love the ones from Express, but now all I want to wear is black stretchy jeans and corduroys. Teacher win.

2. I have a poodle named Tugboat who I call Tuggy. I picked that name out watching a dog show on my 18th birthday, and 5 years later when I actually got a dog I went through with it! People seem to love it.

3. I love books, and I want to support authors so they will keep writing them, but I hate spending money on books! I am a total library fanatic.

4. My husband comes across very quiet and a bit dull in front of people, but he seriously is one of the funniest and most clever people I know. I wish he would show people, but I love him dearly anyway.

5. I know that this blog is a shout out into the void, but I still love writing it, and working on it, and taking photos, and trying to be creative. I think one day when I get my first comment I'll probably squeal and drop whatever I'm holding. And there will be a mess. ha!


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