Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Taking Care of your Engagement Ring

Getting engaged was the most amazing thing in the world. Getting the ring wasn't half bad either. ;) But the truth is you are given one of the (usually) most expensive possessions of your entire life, and probably have no idea how to take care of it. I have a couple tips for keeping this precious symbol of love safe and clean!!

1. The best Cleaning Solution
The jewelers in town sell the most amazing product for cleaning my ring. It's called Lavish- and it is the best thing in the world. It makes both my diamonds and the metal shiny and pretty again as if it had just been professionally cleaned. 

You can buy it for 15 dollars HERE

2. Take it Off
Don't wear your ring in the shower, swimming, or to sleep. I know some people do sleep in their rings, but you don't want threads wrapping around the ring and loosening the prongs.

3. Store it
Keep it in the same place every day. I like to put mine on the ring holder below. Then I always know where it is, and there's no panicking! Etsy has loads of cute ring holders. I have one in the bathroom, one in my room, and one in the kitchen.

4. Get Your Rings Checked
If you purchased your ring through a jewelry chain they will clean and check your rings for free and often require you to do it every 6 months to keep your warranty. But most of these stores will clean anyone's ring, because cleaning your ring leaves a small amount of gold for them that these jewelers can use. I have gotten quite the scoop from people I know who have worked at both privately owned jewelers and chain stores. I prefer going to the hometown store- because I know that my friends who worked at chains had to hit a quota each day, and were basically told to create things that were wrong with the ring to hit it. (loose stones, bent prongs etc)

5. Get an Insurance Policy
My ring is my prized possession. I do not have a store warranty on my ring since mine was custom designed and made by a jeweler out East. So instead we took out a small articles policy in our homeowners policy. However, my brother in law who is in insurance said that if you have to cash in on that insurance policy in the first year, you aren't able to get a new one. (They don't want people working the system) It's worth the couple dollars a month we pay to have the peace of mind to know that in future even if we couldn't afford a new ring I could get one with our insurance policy.

The OG ring picture: 12/27/2013

Most of all- enjoy the shiny, beautiful symbol of your love! ;)


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